Victoria Bresee, MA, CHt. is a clinical hypnotherapist and wellness educator, specializing addiction recovery support, weight loss, and stress/anxiety relief.

For the past 37 years, Victoria has had a private practice in Wellness and Spirituality. While at Iliff School of Theology, she earned a Master’s of Religion degree in Women’s Spirituality. During the last 15 years, she trained extensively in using hypnosis for addiction recovery and was certified in Integrative Addiction Solutions and as a SMART Recovery Facilitator. She uses a variety of evidence-based approaches and tools, including powerful somatic techniques, CBT and powerful hypnotic visualizations to rewire the brain.

Ten years ago, she created She’s on the Way Back, a powerful program created for women that desire to be free from alcohol dependency. She is now writing “On the Way Back: Regaining Your Life While Empowering Your Alcohol-Dependent Loved One to Recover,” to support the friends and families of these women.


Victoria’s Journey

In her 20’s Victoria found that alcohol quickly numbed the pain from some early traumas and continued to drink through the years to cope with a difficult marriage and the ups and downs of life. In her 30’s and 40’s, she occasionally tried recovering through AA.

While it was somewhat helpful, she needed something more, so as a last resort, went through a medical detox. It, combined with a 12-Step program, was emotionally and physically destructive and set her back for a while.

For the next 10 years, she tried a number of medications and participated in Moderation Management and Women for Sobriety meetings, which she found beneficial. She especially loved WFS’s affirmations. Finally, through the new evidence-based programs, such as SMART Recovery and CRAFT, she was able to find empowerment and the freedom she had been seeking for years.

She saw that the new methods used many of the same positive, life-affirming approaches that she used with her hypnotherapy clients, so received specialized training in the use of hypnosis for addiction recovery.

For many years she has been integrating the best tools and resources from this learning with those she has developed in her work with individuals, and with what made the biggest difference in her own recovery. She learned the hard way, and then from evidence, that the journey to recovery from alcohol for women can be quite different than for men, so created the program, “She’s on the Way Back-Alcohol Recovery for Women” to fill the need.