My Way Out: One Woman's Remarkable Journey in Overcoming Her Drinking Problem and How Her Innovative Program Can Help You or Someone You Love

My Way Out: One Woman’s Remarkable Journey in Overcoming Her Drinking Problem and How Her Innovative Program Can Help You or Someone You Love

by Roberta Jewell


Research indicates one out of 13 Americans suffers a drinking problem and four problem drinkers exist for every “hard core alcoholic”. It is one of our country’s most significant health issues and a pervasive secret epidemic. Those affected are desperate for help but do not fit the alcoholic profile. So instead of seeking help, they suffer in silence.

In My Way Out, Jewell describes her history as a highly functional alcoholic and her decades of research in battling her addiction. Written in collaboration with Dr. Linda Garcia, MD, the search ultimately led her to develop a program calling upon experts in multiple fields.

Jewell’s therapy is based upon a 2002 double blind study published in The Lancet, a highly esteemed British medical journal, which reported results of a medication that ameliorated craving in drinkers. Having tried and failed a “simple pill” approach herself with another prescription drug, Jewell took it one step further, integrating a powerful self-hypnosis program, nutritional supplementation, and other essential elements, creating an incredibly effective, easy-to-follow system, the results of which have startled even the most conservative practitioners within the medical community.

In what may become the hottest recovery book to hit the market in years, My Way Out shows readers how their craving can be curbed immediately and easily in the privacy of their own homes; why a multi-faceted approach is extraordinarily more effective than a single-modality solution; that drinkers don’t need to attend AA if they’re not comfortable doing so; and that when appropriate, moderation (social drinking) is an acceptable strategy for problem drinkers if they are provided the proper tools and treatment.

Jewell broke all the rules when, as a lay person, she developed an effective program that finally offers hope to alcohol dependent individuals. And she did the same when writing My Way Out, a book that crosses genres as a self-help, autobiographical, research, and motivational read. Given the overwhelming success of those who underwent the program, she was surprised to learn that traditional book agents and reviewers wouldn’t touch it. But if the email pouring in to the publisher from early test subjects whose lives have been transformed by this extraordinary program is any example, there’s no question My Way Out will become a standard text on the shelves of people truly motivated for a life change, or of those who seek to help others affected by an addiction they have been powerless to control.


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