What self-help suggestions do you have for what to do when alcohol cravings start up?

For me, I always have to ask myself about HALT. Am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired? Almost always, it’s one of those, usually hungry, so I’ve learned to grab a snack, even just a little cheese and crackers, and the urgency will be gone.

In a previous post I mentioned benefiting from someone else’s post that said that the closer to craving time that he took his Naltrexone / Revia, the more it helped. This info is especially valuable because of its expense. I had been taking it in the morning with my other meds and, by late afternoon/early evening, when I most needed it, it had probably already lost its effect.

In a brain nutrition class, the presenter suggested opening a capsule of Schizandra and sprinkling it under the tongue, till it absorbed. This does seem to work for me, so I carry a few capsules in my car and my purse. It has such a strong flavor, that I wonder if it is the herb that is working, or if anything bitter or distasteful might quickly dispel any cravings. It’s worth a little experiment, like even a squeeze of lemon?

Share your tricks. It would be great to post a list of things to try.