A recent study looked at before and after drinking patterns and found that the average person’s drinks per day had increased 27 percent; heavy drinkers were drinking 21 percent more and binge drinking had increased 26 percent. They also found that being female or black or having children at home made it worse. Psychologist Thelma Bryant says that the challenges of trying to work from home, helping kids with remote learning and shouldering more of the household responsibilities than men, take an extra toll on women.

How are you doing?

Isolation, being cooped up with family, not feeling safe to socialize or attend events, financial problems, boredom, COVID anxiety, political uncertainty. . . no wonder so many of us are leaning on our usual self-soothing behaviors, healthy or not. Fortunately, many people are discovering that online Zoom-type support groups can be just as helpful as in-person addiction recovery groups. Reach out and find support! It’s there!

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