In a Newsweek article (5/21/07), The Truths we Want to Deny, clinical professor of psychiatry at NYU Medical Center, Kerry Sulkowicz discusses Bush’s great capacity for denial, for instance, telling his mother “everything would be OK,” when his little sister died.

The part that caught my eye was this statement–“Those who abuse alcohol, as Bush has admitted to doing, typically need to see the world in black and white in order to stay on the wagon. ‘It’s how they control their addiction. . . It reflects an inability or refusal to see shades of gray.'”

This is a big part of what turned me off to AA. Instead of members saying, “What progress, you’ve gone a whole month with only 3 drinks!! Congratulations!!” It’s, “Well, you fell off the wagon, better start counting again.”

Let me tell you. Although AA can’t see it, our bodies sure know the difference!