Geez, some “spiritual” people are so judgmental of those of us with addictions.  Of course, New Age devotees very often are not free of the self-righteousness and addiction to perfection of the traditional Christian denominations that they were raised in and rejected, and thought they were freeing themselves from.  So, we need to feel compassion for them, instead of taking in their assessment of us, but. . .

After a lovely (paid) day in the “spiritual” center of Crestone, Colorado (America’s Shangri-La)  recently, where we used the biofeedback of HeartMath and Peruvian-style shamanic journeying to activate our heart centers, someone asked if shamanic techniques could be used to heal addicts.

The “answer” from our guru of the day was-“it’s easy to raise their vibrations, which then frees them from the entities that are sucking their energies, but they just return to the lower vibration that they are accustomed to and then are vulnerable again to the entities.” 

I much prefer Pascual-Leone’s metaphor in The Brain that Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, MD, of all of us sledding down a hill of fresh snow. After several trips down, ruts will start to appear, making it more difficult to take a different path without major effort. (242) Our neural circuits can then become “self-sustaining,”  leading to mental rigidity rather than flexibility and plasticity.

Hey, after all these years, we have just made so many trips down the hill that it is hard to break a new path, free from substance abuse. It may be intensely challenging and we will need some strong support to break new ground (with our ruts in the snow), but to be shrugged off because entities are sucking our energies. . . Well, if that is really true, don’t shrug us off, bring in your angels and higher vibration entities to lift us out of our ruts!!