Yeah, as simple as that. It always works so great with teenagers, well no matter what our age!!

This is an interesting post, related to my latest—

The Myth of the Simple, Magical Solution

“During the Reagan administration, First Lady Nancy Reagan was influential in shaping the U.S. approach to the”drug problem.” Although her intentions were noble and well intended, the “Just Say No” approach illustrates a simplistic view to a complicated problem. Suggesting that adolescents and young adults can overcome the drive to alter consciousness, peer influence, the disease of alcohol/drug abuse by “just saying no” minimizes the obstacles to be overcome.

Often a complicated, emotionally laden problem elicits a simple solution. A simple solution is easily understood and immediately reduces anxiety, shame, and emotional discomfort. However, a simple solution will not resolve the insidious, multifaceted problems of substance abuse and addiction. Drug use, abuse, and dependence are not easily understood. Mrs. Reagan made the same mistake that many people make. Too often, people search for that simple solution to an epidemic problem. Philosopher H.L. Mencken remarked that “any solution to a complex problem that is simple, is usually wrong. For the rest of the article. . . .