Given the recent report that alcohol is the most dangerous drug, posted previously, and the reality that there are now more marijuana “wellness” clinics than Starbucks in many areas, should those of us addicted to alcohol start smoking? 

This summary of the info available in 1972, makes it look like it might be a good idea–

There is no doubt that some individuals and some small social groups give up alcohol altogether after discovering marijuana. . . The middle-aged marijuana smoker in the New York area. . . , is likely to “use marijuana precisely the way he previously used alcohol, and there are now middle-aged circles in which the drinking of liquor has almost disappeared.” A forty-year-old financier told Blum over a glass of nonalcoholic mineral water: “Well, I can hardly remember the last time I saw a drink at a dinner party. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had a drink.

Another observation:

Perhaps the one major positive effect of the drug [marijuana] is to cut down on the use of alcohol. In the last few years it is rare for our student infirmary to encounter a student who has become aggressive, disoriented, or physically ill because of excessive use of alcohol. Alcoholism has almost ceased to [be] a problem on our campuses.

How sad that I took up with alcohol, instead of smoking weed. . . .