Thanks for the suggestions and, of course, the “standard AA stuff” is great to be reminded of. The “eat a sweet” suggestion is a very temporary fix for those whose alcohol biotype is related to blood sugar issues, but the underlying unstable glucose levels need to be dealt with medically. Although no one else on either side of my family drinks any alcohol, almost everyone is at least pre-diabetic, so predisposed to cravings for glucose in one form or another.

AA doesn’t work for everyone, even for many that tried their best to “work the program.” Only about 4% of alcoholics are members of AA and for those, although the program is certainly the most well known, the success rate is still only around 20%.

There is certainly no need to disregard the tried and true tools of AA, but why not add to them? There are many other helpful ways to support the recovery process and a big part should be to immediately address the nutritional component.

On another note, the book that was suggested in a previous comment is —

Toughness Training for Life: A Revolutionary Program for Maximizing Health, Happiness and Productivity by James E. Loehr.

Most of us have probably been told that we are “too sensitive” and have used alcohol to dull the pain. It’s worth a look, thanks.