Finding the Right Therapist with an Addiction is Critical

"I know many very well-qualified therapists, people whom I would trust to treat my friends and family, who forget everything they know about human beings once a person with an addiction walks into their offices."                                                -Lance...

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Harm Reduction Explained

If you are not ready to totally abstain, you can at least minimize the risk to your health, career and relationships by utilizing at least some of the elements of Harm Reduction. Here is a brief introduction, then additional short videos explain each element.

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The devil, my friend, is in the third drink!

Have you found this to be true, that it's the 3rd drink that does you in? I have. After the second drink, sometimes I wonder why I ordered the third drink, but by the time it's gone, I want another and another. These are 33 reasons that third drink literally ruins...

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